Monday, August 11, 2014

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday!

Hi all!  I promise this blog will get up and going once summer vacation is over-- my little guys get most of my downtime during the summer.  BUT, I saw that Amy had mentioned my Thursday morning get-togethers for sewing, so I thought I'd put details up.

I host a sewing club at my home every Thursday morning, and all are welcome!  It's free (which seems obvious to me, but I've had people ask, so there you go).  Sewing Club is strictly BYOP (bring your own project), or bring no project-- I have one friend who just comes to chat (hi Kim!).  And kids are welcome, with two caveats:
A) My house is only kid-proofed to the level of a five year old (my youngest), so if you're bringing any people littler than that, you may have to keep a bit of a closer eye on them.  That said, I've had 2 year olds running around here in happy abandon; my house isn't a death trap, it's just home to two little boys who love Legos, a seamstress who loses pins, and a man who loves tech and big speakers.
B) If they want to play with my kids' toys, they are more than welcome to, on the condition that they help clean it up!  Otherwise, MY kids' whining becomes truly epic.  And operatic.  And... several other adjectives.  You get the picture :)

Anyway, the festivities begin at 10:00-ish every Thursday morning.  Feel free to email me for an address and/or directions, and I hope to see some of you!

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