Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Stress Relief

We're remodeling our kitchen. Yes, we are crazy. No, we haven't started yelling at each other over paint samples. Yes, we're doing most of the work ourselves.  Yes, my hands are FILLED with splinters.

Some friends of ours have kindly let us stay in their house while they are away and our house is filled with toxic fumes from the finish we put on the floors.  I'm so grateful to them, but there's only so long you can stay in someone else's house without something to DO.  So, when I went home to apply another coat of shiny poison to my floor, I grabbed my sewing machine and some half-finished jeans. It's a teeny tiny sewing space, but you can see the stress hormones falling below crazy lady level. Also, behold some pretty awesome jeans! As soon as I can hem them, I'll take pictures of them on:)

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