Thursday, January 9, 2014

Woe is me!

I've been working on V1366 all day.  Hear my travails!

1.  I serged (SERGED) one leg right side to wrong side up the inseam.  It took me almost a whole episode of Project Runway to unpick it.

2.  I nearly gave myself a blister with my pinking shears.  I think they might be in need a good oiling, don't you agree?

3.  I sewed a pucker into the very bottom of my otherwise flawless top-stitched fly.  You know, right in the spot that's nearly impossible to get straight once you've sewn the legs together.  Of course I didn't discover it until I'd sewn the legs together...

4.  Speaking of sewing the legs together-- the pockets get caught up in the side seam.  When I hit the end of the pockets, the serger jammed.  I un-jammed it, which took a good chunk out of my sewing time.  Then I tried again.  At which point the needles (both of them!!) snapped off and embedded themselves in my pants. The side seams got finished on Rarity (my Elna).  She didn't even blink, so that was good.  Less good was having to pink all my edges that I'd planned on serging.  More thumb blisteriness for me!

Perhaps I should stop kvetching.  On the plus side, the pinking shears were a gift, and I'm glad I had them. The pants are fitting well, and are coming up on done.  If I'm supremely motivated, maybe they'll be ready in time for date night tomorrow.  Rarity took care of the bulky seams at the pockets with zero problems. And I had friends over who sat and watched PR with me while I ripped out serging.  When I write it like that, it all sounds a lot better:)  And, my pockets are silk!  Purple silk, which is even better!


  1. I do hope things get easier! Sounds like it has been tough.

  2. I'd been having similar problems on a plaid flannel button down from my husband. I think I've made huge mistakes on each step. I'd been working on this for a month. I keep putting it down and work on other projects while I work up the courage to rip out stitching.

    It always gets better. I'm looming forward to seeing the finished pants.