Monday, June 17, 2013

Incoming patterns!

I have the Renfrew t-shirt and Thurlow pants patterns coming from Sewaholic.  I keep ogling Lladybird's mustard-colored Renfrew (and the Thurlows she's wearing in those pictures, come to think of it).  I love cowl necks.  And t-shirts.  And mustard, although I'd look like I had jaundice in that color (Lauren looks great though, lucky girl).  According to Lladybird Lauren, I'm going to have to lengthen the shirt at the waist. and the pants in the crotch just under the zipper, so I don't have to alter the pockets, zipper welt, etc.  We'll see how that goes-- I'm not really worried about the shirt (just excited), but the pants increase my blood pressure a smidge.  Pictures will be forthcoming when the patterns arrive!

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